Design coordination requires high efficacy at problem solving, modeling, and communications. Turnaround times are short and constrained. One example is delivering slab penetrations before pouring the next level. In the following post, we will share a DynamoBIM script to dimension Plumbing Raisers (Pipes) to the closest 2 grid lines in the 2d view.

As you can tell from the image above, the script is small. The strategy was to:

  • Select model elements of desired category, pipes, in this case. Then, find the X, Y location of the model elements filtered.
  • Find the points of intersection formed by the grid lines itself to calculate the closest intersection to each model element (Pipe).
  • Pair each model element with the two closest grid lines. Points of intersection help to map the two grid lines that make up for the intersection.

Download the script and sample Revit file from the Github repository.

Dimensions Pipes to Grid lines using DynamoBIM. Contribute to summonidea/dimension-pipe-to-closest-grid-lines development by creating an account on GitHub.