This blog aims to help organizing my thoughts on generic problems that I come across during the work day or tinkering time. For many years, I have mostly been a reader, learner, enquirer, and taker from the community. Perhaps, it is not that I do not like to share, but I have not done a good job documenting professional experiences. It is time to give back.

Community contribution comes in many shapes and forms. Blogging is my way of creating by becoming less of a content consumer and more of a doer. Thus, I hope to find here a safe space to explore ideas, expose my biases, and, specially, make mistakes.

As a balanced technology enthusiast, I will try not to present software as an ingredient to solving all problems. The content generated here will usually involve topics related to architecture, engineering, and construction. In the last couple of years, I have created solutions for owners and designers in the BIM environment by automating tasks, improving project workflows, and reporting from generated data in the design and project management space. This job gave me the opportunity to connect with awesome people in the industry. It gave me mentors, friends, and colleges to look up to. I always look forward for opportunities to connect with more awesome people and I expect this experiment to be one more opportunity.

In all honesty, nobody knows what this blog has to offer, yet. But, I really hope that one day a Summon Idea article pops up on your Google search and saves the day. Until then, I will summon one idea at a time.